plateI will say that this is the most common belief I have seen among women. Most of the women I work with have this belief…

When I was growing up, I always had to finish my plate. I could not leave the table until my plate was empty. So guess what? One of the beliefs that I have had is that I must finish my plate. This is just the way it should be. Until recently, I still had to finish my plate and I had an extremely hard time leaving any food in my plate because I had been programmed for years to eat everything on my plate.

For years, I still believed that if I did not obey and eat everything on my plate, I would get in trouble with my parents. Of course, they did not do this intentionally; they simply wanted to be great parents and provide me with the right amount of nutrition. Yet, even as an adult, I was still programmed to be a good girl and finish my plate so I would not be in trouble with my parents. This lasted until I completely let go of the belief. If you believe that you must finish your plate, you can easily eat more than you should and become overweight just because of this belief, especially in the U.S. where food servings are so large.

The first step in changing your behavior is to start with a small serving. Then, even if you have to finish your plate, you will not overeat. You can always have a second serving if you are really hungry. It’s extremely important that you begin to do this because this behavior, eating everything on your plate, has become anchored in your mind for a long time.

The second step is to let go of the belief that you must finish your plate. When you let it go, you will be able to leave food on your plate without feeling guilty and bad about it.

With the Fat No System, you will be able to identify and let go of this type of beliefs as well as reduce or even eliminate your food cravings

This post was written by Marylin Stompler, the creator of the Fat No More System available here at

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